At Vietnam Surf Soul we guarantee quality teaching with special attention to safety.

Each session lasts about 90 minutes.

Location: The surf lessons take place either at Long Son Resort or Little Buddha Bay, depending on the capabilities of the students and the tides/wave forecast.

Languages: We can speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, French.


1 student:


2 students:


3 students
or more:


Prices include: Surfboard, Lycra/Rashguard and Instructor


Our goal is to get you surfing as soon as possible!

First we will teach the fundamentals, to provide you a solid foundation and the necessary confidence for the next steps.

You will learn the basic movements in the water, as well as all the necessary safety rules.

The lessons are designed to get the best and fastest results.

Some things we'll cover:

  • Spot analysis
  • Understanding different types of waves, tides, currents, and winds
  • How to choose the proper board
  • Paddle technique
  • How to turn the board
  • How to fall off the board safely
  • Surfing foamy water
  • Turning (front-side/back-side)
  • Safety and priority rules

Intermediate / Advanced

These lessons are for students who have surfed before, and wish to learn new techniques to take their surfing game to the next level.

The aim of this level is to perfect your technical skills, so you can surf like a pro.

Video Coaching: We review your Surfing style by analyzing video recordings and help you see mistakes you might not know about.

Some skills we'll help you unlock:

  • Catching the green waves
  • The duck dive
  • The bottom turn
  • Cutting back
  • The top turn
  • The floater
  • Wiping out
  • Breathing techniques