Mui Ne is nestled in a beautiful bay on the south-eastern coast of Vietnam - a 5 hour bus drive from Ho Chi minh city. Otherwise a traditional fishing village, Mui Ne has become internationally renowned as Vietnam's Kite and Surfing Mecca. Remarkably, Mui Ne has retained it's small-town character, and its beaches are uncrowded, making it an absolute joy to practice water sports here.

Our training program offers detailed, high quality and comprehensive lessons, overseen by IKO-certified instructor João Virgilio. We especially emphasize safety, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to be confident on the board, and therefore maximize your fun.


The kite-surf lessons take place either at Long Son Mui Ne Resort or Sea Horse Resort, depending on the capabilities of the students and the tides/wind forecast.


Private Lesson

45 USD
per hour

2-Person Lesson

30 USD
per hour



Kite-surfing is challenging, both mentally and physically. Having a strong foundation in safety and technique is essential to gaining proficiency at this sport.

With that in mind, our training sessions are focused and intensive - we allow a maximum of 2 students per teacher.

While you can't expect to be able to fly over the moon or beat the speed of sound after your first lesson, this essential introductory course will give you a solid base from which to progress, and get you ready for more advanced, fun techniques!

To join our courses you need a basic level of fitness and to be able to swim reasonably well.

Intermediate / Advanced


If you have already taken a kite-surfing course, or just a trial lesson, and want to take your skills to the next level, we got you covered.

Video Coaching: Our expert instructors will record and analyze your technique and show you the steps forward to truly master the waves!

At the end of the lesson, you can keep the video and pictures as a memento!

Lesson Program


  • SEA ( spot,environment, activity) assessment
  • Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land
  • kite Setup
  • safety systems use
  • pre-flight check
  • launch and land as an max-width: 50vwassistant


  • 1st piloting and explore the wind window´s edge
  • let go of the bar
  • twist and untwist the lines


  • fly one-handed
  • trim introduction
  • walk while flying the kite
  • launch and land as a pilot
  • wind window theory


  • inflight quick release activation
  • self-land
  • equipment packing


  • enter and exit the water while controlling the kite
  • water relauch


  • body-drag with 2 hands,kite stable
  • body-drag with power stroke


  • body-drag upwind
  • body-drag with the board
  • self-rescue and pack down introduction


  • Row (right of way) rules introduction
  • steady-pull
  • waterstart

  • controlled stop


  • control of speed by edging


  • ride upwind


  • sliding transition


  • ride toeside
  • jibe


  • self-launch
  • self-rescue and pack down in deep water