Stand-Up Paddling is the fastest growing ocean sport. A low-impact sport that will positively effect you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Surf or Sup in a excellent sport to develop skills like: attention, abilities reflexes, cardiofitness, for general body work out, for fun for team building, to be at one with nature,with your family,with your friends, with your loved one and some people even going supping with their pets!

Mui né is a great place to Sup, Sunny, warm and calm water( near fishing village) perfect ingredients to learn the best way to discover the  Muiné fishing village!


  • How to read the wind conditions
  • Making a legitimate reference point
  • Timing a proper entry & exit in the current
  • Enter the ocean by sitting down or kneeling
  • Learn to turn your board
  • Mastering the “cross wind paddle”
  • Recognizing wind changes
  • Up wind paddling techniques
  • How to float on your new magic carpet
  • Learning to personalize a proper stroke for your body type
  • How to be safe and self-rescue
  • How to use your board for rescuing others